About Us

Gary Henderson

Co-Founder & Sales Director

With almost 10 years of progressive experience in Operations, Sales, Business Development, Support in IT & Management Consulting, Gary shows peerless leadership skills. With his strong entrepreneurial drive he founded Gambit Technologies. When he's not acquiring new clients, he loves gaming and building his own gaming PC. He is also an avid follower of cricket and enjoys a good game of soccer.

Priyadarshini Das Sharma

Director & Co-founder

Creative with a natural flair for writing, Priyadarshini started off 8 years ago as a teacher. Since then she's worked with some of the top companies in Bangalore as a writer, editor and marketing manager. Cut to now, she enjoys managing the operations of the business, having co-founded Gambit Technologies. In her spare time, she loves reading, painting, baking, and clicking away with her DSLR.

Roshni Sen

Chief Branding Officer

Roshni began her career with her own marketing venture, Hopfar. She's helped several of her clients develop their business strategies to facilitate future success. Give her a strong cup of tea, and if needed, she'll bring the stars down on earth for you. Her strengths lie in Customer Relationships and Branding. In her leisure time, she's an art buff who occasionally bakes a mean marzipan cake.

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