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I’ve been writing ever since I was fourteen. I started off with poetry, tried my hand at short stories, wasn’t that great at it, and so went back to poetry. Until recently, when I discovered my love for blogging. In fact, when I started my first WordPress blog, I wasn’t even sure if what I was writing was a blog or not.

I would write, imagine how it would be to have many readers and then forget about it.

Have you been guilty of doing the same?

It was only when I joined the Facebook group, Crazy4Blogging, did I realize that writing and not sharing what you write is a cardinal sin you can’t afford to commit. Sharing blog posts on the group satisfied my craving for encouragement on my efforts.

Long story cut short:

So what is content promotion?

According to the Three-Pronged Approach to Content Promotion by Jordan Kasteler, content promotion can take place across the three kinds of media. The three types of media are owned, paid and earned.

When you relate them to advertising terms, this is what content promotion looks like:

Content promotion and distribution

Content Promotion on Owned Media

Content promotion on owned media or broadcasting is when you share content from your blog to other channels owned by you. You could share your post on social media platforms such as your Facebook page, your Twitter account or LinkedIn.

The content you share with your email subscribers or on your RSS feed is also examples of owned content promotion.

Content Promotion on Paid Media

You’ve obviously seen those promoted posts or pages that show up on your newsfeed. Well, that is exactly what I’m talking about. That’s the most common instance of paid content promotion.

While I’ve only recently tried this out, the practice of paying to leverage various media channels in order to gain a wider reach is quite common. This form of content promotion is commonly called content distribution.

Content distribution, however, is not just limited to paid social media updates. You could also promote what you write in the following ways:

  • Sponsored articles, featured on a website you don’t own
  • Press Releases
  • Native Newsletters, where you share your content on a third party newsletter

Take away from my mistakes:

Remember, if you’re broke like me, you might want to try content distribution with a small budget and see how it works out for you before you actually go ahead and splurge on paid marketing. Even if you do spend, set a budget for each platform to avoid overspending.

I thought of an amazing contest on the company’s Facebook page and went ahead and spent on promoting it. End result? I had a whopping 93 likes but the only entrant was my best friend.

So check out if your end goal is met with paid promotions, else you might need to modify your strategy.

Content Promotion on Earned Media

This happens when you’ve convinced someone else to engage with your content and share it with their readers. Examples are:

  • News coverage
  • Influencer advocacy
  • By-lined content
  • Republished content on another website

The Best Approach

Content promotion works best when you combine broadcasting, distribution and digital PR.

Content Promotion and Distribution Strategies

Here are a few tips that will get you started on your journey to promoting your content and reaching new audiences:

  1. Share what you’ve written multiple times on social media. Don’t share once and then forget about it. This article by CoSchedule tells you why it’s a good idea to post your content more than once.
  2. Get involved in various communities (Think Quora and Reddit). Contribute to discussions, provide valuable information and let people know you exist to make their lives easier.
  3. Repurpose content. Share what you’ve written on platforms such as Medium or Linkedin Pulse. Recreate your blog post into another format, say, an infographic, a case study or an eBook. That way, you have a higher chance of people seeing what you write and in turn, you invite traffic to your blog.
  4. Send new content to your email list. Let your email subscribers find value in what you send. Occasionally create exclusive content for them that they won’t find on your blog.
  5. Pitch to media outlets. Choose a platform such as Huffington Post or Mashable (something that suits what you write) and send them a pitch requesting them to republish your content.
  6. Reach out to influencers. Mention an influencer in your post and let them know you’ve shown them love. Reach out to them through email (thanking them for adding value to what you do and NOT selling your article) or mention them on Twitter.
  7. Make your content shareable. Add prominent social media sharing buttons on every blog post. I use a free plugin such as Click to Tweet to highlight something I want my readers to share.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and let the world know what an awesome writer you are. Promote!

Director, Gambit Technologies

Prolific writer, editor, voracious reader, photographer and dog lover.

About the author: Priyadarshini Das Sharma

Director, Gambit Technologies Prolific writer, editor, voracious reader, photographer and dog lover.

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