The Food Blogs We Love And Why It Matters

Now you must be wondering, what a food blog has got to do with a digital marketing firm. Apparently, nothing. However, I’m writing this post for two main reasons. One (go on, kick me if you want), when I’m not concentrating on Gambit, I’m thinking about that bakery I’m going to open one day. Before I started Gambit, I tried my hand at writing for my food blog (I will announce once it’s up and running).

The second reason would be that I have come across many, many food blogs that are digital marketing masterpieces in their own right. Doesn’t matter, if you’re not a marketing enthusiast. But, if you’re a foodie—which I assume most of us are—you will love me for writing this. So, these food blogs are the ones we absolutely love. Go ahead and check them out.

1. Local Milk

Having won the Saveur Best Food Blogs Award (both Editors’ Choice and Readers’ Choice), Local Milk is one of my go-to food blogs. In addition to the delectable recipes, you’ll fall in love with the photography. Local Milk was started by Beth Kirby way back in 2012. Visit her website and you’ll see how beautifully it’s been designed. A digital marketer’s dream, starting from mouthwatering snaps to loads of external links to of course social media engagement. Local Milk is also active on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr and Twitter with a huge fan following.

Local Milk

2. i am a food blog

Yumm! Wish I was a food blog! Well, it seems that bloggers Mike and Stephanie have left no stone unturned when it comes to food. This couple has a website that’s a delight to behold, with content that caters to food lovers. No, clearly categorized recipes aren’t the only thing that’s going on there. Other than displaying their passion for each and food, their site is easy to navigate. In case you’re new and lost, they have a section that tells you where you can read more about them and where you can find their first post. Trust me, I am a sucker for first posts, and they made it so easy for me to look it up. They also tell you how to subscribe to their RSS feed and where to follow them on social media.

I am a food blog

3. Sally’s Baking Addiction

When I tell you I started experimenting with food blogging, I’m not joking. Sally’s Baking Addiction got me addicted to food blogs. It inspired me to explore a new avenue that gives me an adrenaline rush. Sally doesn’t just teach you how to cook, she tells you how to write. My favorite section? As a baker, it’s got to be the Baking Basics Series. Start from scratch and become a pro, in no time.

sallys baking addiction

4. Half Baked Harvest

Have you dreamt of spending your life in a quaint farmhouse with good food and wine in your belly? Well, then Half Baked Harvest is sure to make you yearn for it a tad bit more. Tieghan talks about her life with such natural ease that you are bound to feel you belong to her family. The food she rustles up isn’t the only thing she talks of. She’s turned her barn into her kitchen hideout and she readily offers regular sneak peeks into her projects. Oh, and did I mention the photography’s worth framing up on the wall? If you want to follow her on social media, try Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Bloglovin’. You name it, she’s on it.

half baked harvest

5. My Blue & White Kitchen

In digital marketing, when we talk of staying true to your brand’s theme colors, My Blue & White Kitchen is a stellar example. The name has blue and white, Sini’s kitchen is blue and white and her photography has shades of blue and white! Her flair for writing shines through in every single post, and those pictures are as easy on the eye as can ever be. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and trust me, you’ll thank me in the end.

my blue and white kitchen

What are you waiting for? Go on, check out these food blogs and tell me if I’m not right. We would also love to know which food blogs you follow ardently.

Director, Gambit Technologies

Prolific writer, editor, voracious reader, photographer and dog lover.

About the author: Priyadarshini Das Sharma

Director, Gambit Technologies Prolific writer, editor, voracious reader, photographer and dog lover.

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