10 Digital Marketing Blogs We Read Religiously

I’m a sucker for digital marketing blogs. In fact, I read any blog, irrespective of what they deal with, as long as they’re written well. Not that I was always an avid reader of blogs; I am more the kind that likes to curl up in bed with Hercule Poirot. But then, the nature of my work is such that I need to read a lot online, and that’s when I developed this passion. I like reading stuff that educates me as well as inspires me.

While I’ve gone through many such websites that post interesting content once in a while, there are a few that I check out regularly. Of all those, I’ve selected my favorite 10. I have also signed up for their newsletters, not just for the quality of the content, but also for how well they’re designed. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share these digital marketing blogs with you.


Marketing or sales, take your pick—Hubspot delivers the best content on this earth. Or at least, I think they do. First off, look at their headlines. They’re neither tacky, nor clichéd, yet get the message across to the right audience.

In terms of content, what they bring to the table is unique and extremely useful. Plus, they offer free eBooks, templates, and other downloadable content. Use them once and you’ll keep going back.


Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer is another favorite—their case studies and product reviews are especially helpful. This is one digital marketing blog that provides valuable insights into various tools that are available to us and tells us the best way to use them.

There is one article on their blog that I would recommend to you—their marketing reading list. Each every resource mentioned there is one of a kind and I’ve made it my goal to read them by all by the end of the year.

digital marketer (1)

Content Marketing Institute

I swear by the Content Marketing Institute blog. Be it their content marketing examples or their extensive white papers, I love each and every article posted there. Every time I need to learn something new, I fall back on the CMI blog to come up with the best advice.

An added advantage is the fact that you can sift through their content based on your preferences. Their articles and blog posts are categorized into visual content and design, strategy, social media, SEO and much more.



If you’re strictly into content marketing, Brian Clark is the man to listen to. His blog covers a wide range of issues content marketers face on a daily basis. From copywriting to social media marketing to plain and simple how to be a better writer, copyblogger guides you well.

I’ve signed up for the blog’s premium content. Take my word for it, the eBooks you get in return, are way more worth than the few seconds you take to fill up the form.


Quick Sprout

Neil Patel, once again! Yes, I am a fanatic when it comes to Neil Patel’s writing. If you’ve read my post on my favorite digital marketers, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Crisp, easy-to-follow and great value—that’s what defines his blog posts. This blog covers everything A-Z about digital marketing. It’s not just what’s inside the post, but even the headlines are unusual and compelling. The Quick Sprout blog is always up-to-date with articles that are written with a great lot of thought. They are meant to educate other writers, especially those who are struggling to get headway in their profession.

What’s even better is the fact that most of the resources are free for us to use. I love free stuff. Who doesn’t? In fact, my content marketing strategy is based on his guide.


Moz Blog

I have always been a dead duck when it comes to SEO. However, my turtle-paced journey from a no-hoper to someone who can manage on her own can be attributed to Rand Fishkin’s Moz Blog.

I regularly read up on his SEO tips to make my writing a tad bit more search engine-friendly. The blog inspired me so much that I went on to write my own blog post on metadata.


Convince and Convert

If I’m writing this post today, it’s all because of Convince and Convert. I came across these exceptional blogs when I was reading one of his articles. Jay Baer collaborates with other bloggers to give us the best of the digital marketing world.

The blog posts here display a unique take on marketing, where the emphasis lies mainly on creating content that leads to conversion. Hence the apt name. They’ve also published extensive case studies and research articles on social media that is worth checking out.

convince and convert

Social Media Examiner

Social media regulars, this digital marketing blog is just for. From how-tos to tips to industry reports, there’s no other blog that can beat this one. Whether you’re looking to promote your Facebook posts or considering using Snapchat for your business—Social Media Examiner tells you exactly how to do it.

social media examiner

Brand Savant

Tom Webster specializes in consumer behavior and his blog posts focus on marketing efforts that can be measured. Data, and insight from the data form the core of his content strategy.

Brand Savant is the blog to subscribe to if you’re looking for articles and tips on podcasts. What is bound to strike you as a reader is the negligible number of clicks required to read a post.

brand savant


I stumbled upon the CoSchedule blog when I was searching frantically online for an editorial calendar. I didn’t end up purchasing their calendar. The outcome, however, was that I signed up for their newsletter. Ever since I’ve been addicted to the blog.

They have videos and tips on management as well as marketing. What I swear by, is their headline analyzer. I ensure I run my blog post headlines through their tool before I use them.


Which blogs would you suggest we read every day? Tell us, and we’ll definitely check them out.

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Prolific writer, editor, voracious reader, photographer and dog lover.

About the author: Priyadarshini Das Sharma

Director, Gambit Technologies Prolific writer, editor, voracious reader, photographer and dog lover.

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