5 Things You Didn’t Know About Content Marketing

Whether you’re writing a blog or you want to ensure your business is top-class, you might be concentrating on SEO and trying your level best to improve search rankings for your website.

A little confession—I do the same.

However, there are factors more important than just SEO. Remember, content is still king. Whether you create new content or curate it or do a blend of both, content IS king. So here are 5 things you didn’t know about content marketing.

  • Everybody loves great content

You love writing and reading good content. So does everyone. I remember someone telling me, most readers don’t care how you present information. I beg to differ. If I am a reader, I would love content that is informative, audience-centric and at the same time written impeccably. Your readers want the same. Hence, write for the love of it. Write to network effectively. Write to engage people.

Great content

  • Content Marketing is an on-going process

Irrespective of when you upload content, where you do it or how many times a week you do it, content marketing is a 24/7 process. Keep thinking about what you’re going to share, research accordingly, curate content from other great websites (give them due credit and they will love you for it) and learn from a wide range of sources. The more you make content marketing a habit, the better it will work out for you.

24-7 content

  • Facebook is the perfect platform for discovering and sharing valuable content

According to Pressboard, “the #1 traffic source to branded content is Facebook.” Facebook rules social media. It is the most popular platform for sharing ideas. The same applies to content.  One person reads a good blog post on your website and shares it with his friends on Facebook. He becomes, indirectly, your company’s brand ambassador. As the post gets shared and reshared, you gain recognition for your efforts. More often than not, this results in lead conversion. Well, what more do you want?


  • It’s not just about you

Honestly. It’s not. Granted, content marketing is a great tool for branding, but that should never be your end goal. While it is okay to let your content act as your company’s mouthpiece, it is even more important that you concentrate on what your audience wants. Learn more about what they like to read, find out their pain points, address concerns and issues they have…all through great content.


  • Headlines rule

As they say, first impression is the last impression. Thus, your headline needs to be drafted in such a way that it makes an immediate impact on your reader. Click bait is fine, as long as the rest of the content lives up to its name. Click bait headlines guarantee more clicks, but they don’t ensure reader engagement. So if your end goal is to win readers over, it’s a better idea to make your headline creative and follow it up with effective information within.


Is there anything we missed out that you feel is essential for us to know about content marketing? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Director, Gambit Technologies

Prolific writer, editor, voracious reader, photographer and dog lover.

About the author: Priyadarshini Das Sharma

Director, Gambit Technologies Prolific writer, editor, voracious reader, photographer and dog lover.

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